Home is where the Zen is…

My name is Sande, and I’m a Spa Junkie…


I love facials.  I love massages.  I love yoga.  But spas are so much more than moisturizers, foot soaks, and yoga classes.  Spas provide us with tranquility, life balance, allow us to slow down, unwind, recharge, and pamper ourselves.  Spas remind us to be healthly and to LIVE LIFE WELL.


If I could spend EVERY WEEK at an all-inclusive destination spa SOMEWHERE in the world, I would.  But I can’t afford to, so instead, I make my life FEEL LIKE I’m living in a spa, each and every day, without the spa prices… I call it ‘finding ZEN on a budget.’

I live for good heath… mind, body, and soul.  Sweet, simple decadence, for peanuts…

My blog is full of tried and true ideas on how to find and create YOUR Zen on a budget, to be healthy and to LIVE LIFE WELL

Enjoy my blog.

Find your Zen… find your Nirvana.

If you have any ideas on living life well, please share them with me.

And be sure to enter the MONTHLY CONTEST for something to use toward your next Spa adventure… just click on the Contest link and follow the directions.  icon smile Home, Living in zen, Live in zen

Here’s to spa life and living life well…

Live in Zen. icon smile Home, Living in zen, Live in zen

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