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Be Mindful With Eating


I find that my eating process has become horrendous.

I do not eat gracefully.

I do not generally savor my food.

I tend to gobble as quickly as possible no matter where I am at… a restaurant, at my work desk, at the dining room table, standing over the kitchen sink.

Life has become a rush when it comes to eating.

I don’t like it.

After years of rushing, I AM able to slow down some…

And I’m finding that not gobbling my food is a hard habit to break.

We tend to overeat because we are not focused on eating.  Instead of savoring each bite as the primary activity, we ‘multi-task’ and eat while reading, driving, or watching television.

Change that.

Eat mindfully.

Eating mindfully means being fully engaged in the meal. Make eating, tasting, savoring the PRIMARY activity.  Do not ‘multi-task.’

Here are some tips:

  • Breathe.  Practice relaxation breathing before beginning your meal.  This will help to slow you down and center your mind.
  • Ponder.  Think about how your food got to your table, including all the hard work and planning involved.  Contemplate how your meal will nourish your body and provide energy throughout the day.
  • Take small bites.  Taste the flavors — sweet, savory, salty.  Enjoy the textures — smooth, chewy, crunchy. SAVOR EACH BITE!  Recognize your hunger signals.  When they begin to fade, stop eating.
  • Set new patterns.  Don’t multi-task and skip junk food altogether.

Mindful eating will make you more aware of what and how much you’re eating and turn each meal into a truly nourishing and enjoyable experience.  And you’ll look a lot more attractive eating.

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