Living in Zen

Rozee Knows Best


I hear it hit the floor.  My eyes don’t move from the computer screen.

I know what it is.

And I know what it means… it’s time to take a break – according to Rozee.

Do I?

Take a break?

Not as much as I should.

What do I hear hitting the floor?

A dirty pink rubber Frisbee… Rozee’s Frisbee…

And of course… the deposit is generally followed by a Rozee-issued guttural grunt.

Working at home has its advantages, and disadvantages…

But one massive advantage… not everybody has a Rozee Break-O-Meter.

It’s one of a kind and only available at my home office.

And over the years, I’ve slowly come to recognize that, SOMETIMES, Rozee knows best.

Yes, sometimes the dog knows best.

I have to go now… there’s a Frisbee at my foot.

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