Living in Zen

The Golden Door Spa, Naples, Florida


It’s the first full week in December, and I’m soaking in the warmth of the Florida sun.

There’s a waterfall at my feet and a tranquil stream at my head.

I’m spa-ing today at the Golden Door in Naples, Florida.

I chose two therapies at the spa… a pedicure, and a full-body scrub.

I scheduled both services for late in the afternoon, so I could make a full spa day of it, to soak, steam, sun, then sleep in the tranquility garden and meditation room, and to also treat myself to a scrumptious lunch.

My plans worked out wonderfully.

I grew up being told that the Golden Door Spa was THE spa that originally set the spa standard.  I’ve dreamt of staying a week at a Golden Door Spa.

That has yet to happen.

But the Naples Grande Beach Resort, where we stayed in Naples, Florida, has a Golden Door Spa, so as my husband shuffled off to a business conference, I shuffled down for a day at the spa.

A sandstone tranquility garden holds the Jacuzzi, steam room, and sauna.   I was bummed that the facilities are co-ed… meaning that there is not a separate Jacuzzi, steam room, and sauna for men and women… I wanted to spa naked, or at least steam naked.  Since the tranquility garden holds the Jacuzzi, steam room, and sauna, you steam, soak, or sun in a bathing suit unless you want to be escorted off the spa property.

Even with a bathing suit on, the steam room is wonderful.  It is INFUSED, and I mean INFUSED, with eucalyptus.  Breathe deeply, and breathe often.  Their steam room feels like it detoxifies you in five minutes.

I had a full body scrub and a pedicure.  Both therapists were great.  My skin was soft and glowed after the scrub, and my toes twinkled with a soft light blue polish.

They have a small labyrinth.  It’s surrounded by white bougainvillea.  As I walked it, I was gently reminded that it was Tuesday, and I was in Naples, Florida, at the Golden Door Spa, a class act.  How wonderful is that?

Life IS what you make of it… live in Zen.  :)




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