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Winter Harvest


Winter brings a different variety of fruits and veggies.  The next time you’re shopping, challenge yourself to try something new, such as…

Moro oranges.  An excellent source of vitamin C and fiber, Moro oranges are also known as blood oranges because of their red pulp. Their orange flavor is punctuated with a hint of raspberry. Enjoy them as is, toss sections in a salad, or use the juice as a marinade for chicken or fish.

Cherimoyas. This fruit has a creamy white flesh that’s delicious sliced or in a smoothie. They may look strange but the taste is divine — tart and fruity with a twist of vanilla. Cherimoyas are rich in fiber, vitamin C, and calcium (cheer for bone health!).

Delicata squash. This small, oblong squash is packed with nutrition — vitamins A and C, potassium, fiber, manganese, and folate. Just split lengthwise, remove the seeds, and pierce in several places. Bake them with the hollow side up, and then enjoy sliced or stuffed.

Rutabagas. This versatile root vegetable is a savory addition to soups and stews. Rutabagas can be boiled, baked, or mashed.  They are a hearty side dish similar to mashed potatoes. They’re a good source of vitamins A and C, and contain indoles — phytochemicals that protect the body against certain cancers.

Swiss chard. The stalks taste a bit like celery, and the leaves are often used in place of spinach. Use Swiss chard in your salad, or cook and serve with a dash of wine and balsamic vinegar plus a handful of raisins. You can also throw chard into soup and increase the nutitional value.

Get adventurous with your produce this winter. You just might discover a new favorite!

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